One Horse, One Woman,
And The Gravel Road Home

A memoir.

Lisa D. Stewart is a Kansas City-based writer and horsewoman who has combined her two passions in a forthcoming memoir about her recent, 500-mile horseback ride through the Midwest, on her horse, Chief.  

Lisa's memoir in progress details her lifelong desire to ride, alone, cross-country on a horse.  What she hadn't anticipated when she left on May 16th, 2012, was that the terrain of western Kansas and eastern Missouri would funnel her in a line back to the land where she had lived in high school, in Bates County, Missouri.    

On her ride, she would see the land, the people she had loved and left, not as the 22-year-old girl, but as the 54-year-old woman who needed to go home.  She saw it, perhaps, for the first time, in the only way she believes it is possible to see anything clearly:  at four miles per hour from the back of a horse.

Bridge builder between city and country.