Lisa D. Stewart

is an award-winning author and consultant to farmers who are on a quest to save the family farm through diversification and grants.

Writer & Long Rider Shares Her Story

Winner 2021 Thorpe Menn Award

At 54, Lisa Stewart set out to regain the fearless girl she once had been, riding her horse, Chief, 500 miles home.

On an extraordinary solo trek from Kansas City to Bates and Vernon Counties in Missouri, Lisa exhausted herself, faced her past, trusted strangers, and stayed in the middle of her frightened horse to document modern rural America, the people, animals, and land.

“Lisa Stewart’s The Big Quiet charts a path for all women. The narrative recounts a journey to a point on the map but to a whole and liberated self.”

— Kelly Barth, author of
My Almost Certainly Real Imaginary Jesus

“This is a book of gratitude of the highest order.”

— Gary Dop, author of Father, Child, Water

“This book is more than a log of an unusual (for this day and age) solitary horseback journey; it is also a perceptive examination of the author’s own life—a well-written introspective journey of self-discovery.”

— Jim Hoy, author of Flint Hills Cowboy

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2022 Best Book in Endurance
Story Category

Winner Kansas Authors Guild
Looks Like A Million Book Award

Finalist 2021 High Plains Book
First Book Award

Insights and Ideas for Agriculture Producers and Fellow Equestrians

Stories about saving the family farm, long-distance riding, and saddle fit

Dairy Grants for Small Farms

If you own a dairy with fewer than 300 cows and you can’t expand, you may be seeking ways to keep the farm in the family through cheese making or other value-added dairy products. The Dairy Business Builder grant could help you pay up to $100,000.00….

From Vulnerability to Confidence: Long-riding on Horseback

For the month preceding my departure on a solo horseback ride through Kansas and Missouri, May 16, 2012 — a girlhood dream that I no longer could suppress — I had to take a half tablet of Benadryl each…

Endurance on a Long-distance Ride

It was the second week of my 500-mile horseback trip the summer of 2012, and I was in the depths of my endurance—the only way I know to put it. We were approaching a couple’s home in rural Vernon County, Missouri. 

Join in the Journey

Lisa’s motivational presentations remind listeners of two radical truths — the world is safe, and people want to be of help. Invite her to speak to your group or organization’s next event. In person or online.

Lisa speaks to and shares from her experience and expertise with horses, people, her rural roots, and her passion for helping agriculture producers expand and diversify to make family farms sustainable.

As co-founder of Ortho-Flex Saddle Company, Lisa teaches equestrians how to prevent horses’ suffering through humane saddling—an understanding of horse and saddle anatomy.

She speaks to audiences from all walks of life about the healing, horse-human connection and that the same healing connection is available between us and strangers — if we just know it.

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