Bridge builder between city and country.

Lisa D. Stewart is a Kansas City-based writer and horsewoman who has combined her two passions in a forthcoming memoir about her 500-mile horseback ride through the Midwest, on her horse, Chief.  

In 2012, Lisa Stewart, with her horse, War Chief Lobo, traced the gravel roads of Kansas and Missouri, alone, in the region where she first came of age—the mythical land of meth, guns, and religion.  Through the weeks in wind and sun and ceaseless sway of her horse’s walk, Lisa reconstituted the independent, fearless girl she once had been, and, more surprisingly, met women along the way who helped her explore a deeper question: What does it mean to be a woman in her middle years?  This journey celebrates those and other discoveries, in a land she found even more beautiful and profound than when she left it decades earlier. 

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The Land I Love:

Rural America at Four Miles per Hour

A memoir.