Consulting Services

Trusted expertise. Proven results. Personalized approach.

Lisa Stewart helps farmers, ranchers, and agribusinesses make more money per acre by diversifying and expanding through grant-funded equipment, feasibility studies, business plans, and investor presentations.

Lisa helps clients research how to grow and sell high-value specialty crops, develop, brand, and package new value-added products, create destination farms that turn infertile acreage into profit, and obtain specialized equipment that adds value to commodities. Her collaborations aim to protect family farms for future generations.

Services include:

  • Grant opportunity research.
  • Grant proposal planning, writing, editing, and submission.
  • Feasibility study planning, research, and writing.
  • Business plan development and writing.
  • Investor and lender presentation development.
  • Assistance finding contractors for planning and execution of projects, including food service, architecture, marketing and branding, construction, etc.